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We care about your health!


Ltd. "SAMO" was created in April 1992 , whose main purpose was to contribute to developing the pharmaceutical industry , regardless of the country in the years of independence . For this reason it has been allocated 32 jobs , and were also involved in the local industry experts .

To date, this company along with specialists also work doctors and professors and members of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety , double PhD and highly qualified staff .

Future pharmaceutical largely depends on the types of pharmaceuticals, their amount of collateral adequacy of the population. ( In modern medicine, the creation of high-performance products in the required quantity enough problem ) . One of the most important responsibilities of the pharmaceutical business is the creation of new and effective drugs vysokoterapevticheski improvements to existing biopharmaceutical standpoint in practice conducted fairly extensive research in our country in this direction. For this reason, one of the most important tasks is to create an alternative to drugs for children , as well as drugs imported from other states in order to provide the population with effective and nedorogostoyuschimi drugs.

The company started its activities with the creation of foreign drugs for children. The company began operations in 1992 with the creation of a " baby powder ", " Galmanina ", " acetylsalicylic acid ".

It is known that the biopharmaceutical perspective medicines in some cases may have the wrong effect on the body . Creation of medicines for children is relevant in our country and around the world.


In the period of market economy every entrepreneur strive to create a new competitive product and our company has an opinion on this matter. With a view to further conduct import and export sales , our company has established its operations in accordance with the requirements of GMP. To date, the correct construction of the production process makes it possible to create competitive products on the world market . Medicines manufactured according to GMP requirements can be implemented in the global market . Because GMP ensures the quality of the product. Each product creation process according to the requirements of GMP is in the process of registration . GMP establishes requirements for substances , excipients , process equipment, operating personnel , and the microbiological environment for the finished product.

In this connection, guaranteed quality of medicinal preparations .

Thus, the main goals and objectives of OOO "SAMO" competitive economy are creating drugs for the local population , as well as the substitution of imported products domestic product , making reforms in the pharmaceutical industry of our country in the year of independence . As well as making a contribution to government programs such as "Healthy Generation" , "Year of Mother and Child ", etc.

      In the period of market economy and market marketing Our company is committed to updating its product portfolio. Our president issued new laws and regulations allow the industry. Thus, the presidential decree number 731 of 19 November 2007 on "Modernization and construction of new pharmaceutical companies " gave impetus to the development and , in turn, our company began to produce injectable drugs .

OOO "SAMO" was formed by LLC "Innek Med Farm", located in Yukorichirchik area, and the status of the founder was made ​​an initial capital of $ 104.3 million sum. In general, the company planned to start its activities with the amount of capital in amounts and with 604mln credit UZPROMSTROYBANK .

Since the early days of independence, individual attention from the leadership of our Republic was paid to the population finished pharmaceuticals and medical devices and the definition of tasks and responsibilities in this area. In this regard, laws were issued by the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 29 August 1996 on " Preservation of citizens' health , and 25 April 1997 on " Drugs and pharmaceutical activity " that helped to ensure the role of legislation in this field.

This list will also continue decisions Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 416 of 14 June on "Adoption of measures to support companies that produce drugs and medicines », № 731 of 17 November 2007 on "Program to modernize the pharmaceutical companies , and providing them with technical and technological sides until 2011 " , as well as a number of other decrees.

On the basis of data on a series of decrees to providing benefits to share SJC " Uzpharmsanoat" , Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and a number of ministries and departments , as well as a number of companies producing pharmaceuticals came the creation of new types of raw materials for the manufacture of medicinal products , their introduction into the production process itself ensuring supplies of this raw material , as well as the production of new drugs developed by scientific and academic institutions , as well as necessary for life medicines , conducting works on their production , assimilation and acceleration , as well as better meet the public demand this type of product .

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