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We care about your health!




Age: 22-40 years
Education: Graduate
Direction of Education : medical or pharmaceutical
Gender : Does not matter
Experience : Experience as a medical representative
Computer skills: experienced user
Languages: Russian , Uzbek
Responsibilities Conducting market research , market analysis, development of a strategy to promote the product on the market. Conducting product presentations , participation and organization of exhibitions and conferences. Coordination and control of med.predstaviteley .
Wages negotiated


Eligible Applicants: - responsible , communicative
- Analytical mind 
- - Higher education
- Knowledge of the Russian language
- Experience or knowledge on the promotion and sales
Working conditions, social package: - high-paying job
- Career 
- % Of income
- If not necessary to train

Honey . representative 

City: Tashkent
Category: Doctors , health workers
Experience: at least 1 year
Leadership experience: not required
Education: College
Age: 25 to 45 years
Employment: Remote work , permanent , full -time

Are risen resumes from other cities
In operation, the trips are possible

Duties: Work to promote the company's products in medical institutions and pharmacies.
Eligible Applicants: Full-time, min. work experience (years ) : 2 to 15. Discipline, responsibility, initiative , interpersonal skills , honesty .
Availability of customer lists ( seen as an advantage )
Working conditions, social package: Full-time ( working day 9.00 - 18.00 , Monday - Friday ) .
Additional Information: Pharmaceutical company announces a set of medical representatives , product manager and regional managers

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