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Company SamoFarm - growing company, which has its niche in the pharmaceutical market. The company's staff has extensive experience in this field of activity, and this made it possible to develop and implement a unique system to ensure work - modern marketing techniques adapted to the domestic pharmaceutical market, the distribution of medicines. The company coordinates all stages of the life cycle of products - from the date of registration to the end user.




Marketing support company SamoFarm includes the following steps:

  • analysis and identification of the most promising segments of the Uzbek pharma;
  • developing strategies and tactics introduce a new product;
  • brand creation and recognition of his achievement in the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan.


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        Адрес:Tashkent Mirzo Ulugbek district,

Street Mirzo Ulugbek House 142B.

Landmark: Obstetrics and Gynecology PCHIM Tashkent Mirzo-Ulugbek district, st. M.ULUGBEK house and 132.

       Телефон: +998971 260-13-15  

                +998971 263-25-49

                 +99898 127-57-76      

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